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Innovative idesign Technology


The nature of eye surgery technology has changed drastically over the past few years, and the iDesign Wavescan Studio is one of the most innovative systems on the market at the moment. This studio has been based on the designs of the Abbott scientists that work on the James Webb Space Telescope built by NASA. Now, the same technology is being used to improve the lens of the eye and the sight in humans. It uses the same basis as LASIK surgery, but patients can look forward to an even better and more enhanced experience.

What is it?


The iDesign Wavescan Studio has the capacity to capture more than 1,200 micro readings of the eye. At the same time it can also identify the shape of the cornea, its curvature, how light passes through the eye and how pupil changes in diameter in different light settings. All of this is done in one single 3-second scan that can be used to correct vision. It actually personalises the entire eye surgery for the patient, because no one human being has exactly the same eye shape. This will allow surgeons to give the patient a better result at the end of the recovery period.

The details that can be detected by the iDesign Wavescan Studio can analyse details of the eye that no other piece of equipment has ever been able to do before. It has even been tested to see if it can improve the vision of people who have no visible symptoms of myopia or presbyopia. These patients reported that they could see clearer, reduction in glare, and better vision whilst driving the night and day time. This studio has been improved in several countries and is available in the United States of America.


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