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Lasik V/s ICL

A number of our patients come to us inquiring about LASIK eye
surgical procedure to enhance their vision. Considering that not
everybody is an excellent prospect for LASIK, we then get inquiries
regarding alternatives to the treatment.

What is LASIK and ICL?
Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, also referred to as LASIK, is a
preferred vision improvement treatment made use of to fix near-
sightedness, farsightedness and also astigmatism. If you experience
these vision issues, greater than likely you depend upon glasses or
contacts to assist you see clearly. The objective of a treatment like
LASIK is to alter the shape of the cornea to ensure that light
concentrates even more clearly on your retina. This enables you to
see even more clearly, usually without the benefit of glasses or
contact lenses.

Beyond LASIK, patients might think about Implantable Contact Lens
(ICL). The most significant distinction between LASIK and ICL is during
ICL, a unique contact lens is implanted inside the eye and also works
with the eye’s all-natural lens to offer exceptional quality of vision
for a wide variety of improvement. This procedure might be optimal
for patients that are not prospects for LASIK as a result of high
degrees of near-sightedness, or for patients that do not like the
concept of completely eliminating corneal tissue. Should your
prescription change in time, the ICL is changeable to preserve your
vision options.

Both LASIK as well as the ICL are outstanding alternatives for patients
taking into consideration vision improvement. At Khanna Vision
Institute, we are dedicated to assisting every one of our patients
identify the most effective surgical treatment for their vision
objectives, whether it is LASIK or ICL.

Suitable Candidates
LASIK and the ICL are usually considered as vision improvement
options for adults between the ages of 18 and 45. The vision of
youngsters and teens is still changing naturally, so procedures like
these are generally premature. To be an excellent prospect for LASIK
eye surgical procedure, patients need to:
 Be at the very least age 18
 Have a prescription for glasses or contacts that has actually not
changed substantially in the past year
 Have excellent eye health, and good basic health
 Not be expectant or nursing
 Not have a background of chronic dry eyes
Throughout your assessment, we ask you added questions and also a
medical professional will carry out a comprehensive examination of
your vision to figure out if you are a prospect for LASIK surgical

If during this assessment, patients are considered not a prospect for
LASIK, they might be provided the choice to think about the ICL
instead. Perfect ICL prospects are grownups that:
 are aged 21-45
 have light to serious near-sightedness
 have a stable prescription

Getting ready for Therapy
As soon as we have actually figured out which treatment is best for
you, we will certainly carry out a pre-operative test and also prep
work for the surgical treatment.

For LASIK eye surgical procedure, we dilate your eyes so we can get a
precise measure of your existing prescription. If you presently use
contact lenses, we will certainly ask you to quit using them for an
amount of time before surgical treatment (generally 72 hrs), as
contacts briefly alter the shape of your corneas.

What Occurs During the Treatment?
For LASIK eye surgical procedure and also ICL both eyes are normally
done the exact same day and are outpatient procedures that take an
extremely brief amount of time, normally thirty minutes or much
less. The eyes are numbed with anaesthetic drops as well as patients
might be offered a sedative, too.

With LASIK, the surgeon uses a laser to develop a thin flap in the
upper crust corneal tissue to access the corneal tissue that lies below
it. The laser after that shapes the cornea to enable the light to
completely concentrate on the retina. Patients normally see much
better instantly after LASIK Surgical treatment, however, ideal results
are observed within a 7 to 10 days post operatively.

Throughout the ICL procedure, the surgeon develops tiny micro
incisions near the cornea to enable positioning of the lens in
between the iris and natural lens. The surgeon thoroughly implants

the lens via these micro-incisions, and the implant unfolds. As soon
as the ICL is unravelled, the surgeon puts the sides of the lens behind
the iris, making it genuinely unnoticeable. Patients are provided eye
drops to make use of in the house for post-operative treatment.
Patients who choose the ICL surgical procedure generally see results
within 24-hour post operatively.

For patients having LASIK or ICL surgical treatment, we at Khanna
Vision Institute highly motivate you to have somebody else drive you
home, as your vision promptly after these treatments may be
considerably impaired.

Recovery Time
The day following your LASIK or ICL surgical treatment you return for
a post-operative examination. At this visit, our doctors examine your
eyes and examine your vision refraction.

Although little to no recovery time is required for LASIK or ICL,
doctors suggest restricting your activity, avoid swimming pools or
hefty exercise that might cause sweating to trickle right into your
eyes. You might really feel some burning or moderate discomfort or
grittiness in the eyes from the treatment. However, the pain must
not be severe. While you might experience some obscured vision
after this surgical procedure, you need to be able to see much more
plainly by the 2nd day. We suggest that you take a couple of days of
rest from your job as well as quit any kind of strenuous activities to
ensure that you can completely recover prior to you going back to
your regular, yet more clear life.

Risk of Complications
Similar to any kind of surgery, there are specific threats and also
possible complications. The experience of the surgeons of Khanna
Vision Institute and also technical personnel, together with their
dedication to offering cutting edge modern technology aids to lessen

these threats. The majority of issues can be dealt with and also the
threat of vision loss is greatly reduced.

Selecting Vision Improvement
Your choice to have LASIK or ICL surgical treatment might be among
one of the most crucial life altering choices you will certainly make.
At Khanna Vision Institute, we recognize exactly how essential your
vision is to you and we are also committed to giving you quality in
eye care treatment.

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