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Founder Khanna Vision Institute

Rajesh Khanna MD

You Want To See Better. We Deliver Stellar Vision. Lets meet to make it happen! Whatever your prescription, age, refractive error, corneal shape or thickness, Refractive Surgeon Rajesh Khanna, MD and the team at Khanna Vision Institute will turn your dream to reality.

“… Dr. Khanna waved a magic wand and made my astigmatism disappear. It helped me a lot in my acting career by eliminating the glare from overhead lights….”

Brenda Song



Different Types Of Eye Doctors and Professionals

Refractive Surgeon

An Ophthalmologist who has trained in procedures to free people from glasses.


Medical doctors trained in diseases and surgery of the eye. Also called an Eye MD.


Generate prescription for glasses and contacts. Investigates eye disorders.

Rajesh Khanna MD – Refractive Surgeon
Dr. James Giraldi – Optometrist
Dr. Curtis Knight – Optometrist

Efficient eye for everyone

Dr. Khanna has successfully performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures.